Fairyland: The Sunny Country Of Common Sense

 More larger-than-short-quotes goodness today from G.K. Chesterton and his magnificent Orthodoxy.
This, too, is from Chapter 4: The Ethics of Elfland. Enjoy.  My first and last...

Pastors Are Artists, Not CEOs

“Being a pastor is an incredibly good, wonderful work. It is one of the few places in our society where you can live a creative life. You live at the intersection of grace and mercy and sin and…

Tattoo Regret

Even before it’s old? In this case, yes. Some honest ink.


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Passing On

The bicycle pictured above is from Vashon Island, Washington. Some history can be learned here, but it appears most people don’t know where the bike came from. Some say it was left…

God Is Out Of (Our) Control

“God really believes that he is the most worthy, most majestic, magnificent, glorious, stunningly beautiful being in the universe. And he is fixated on the certainty that only he deserves worship –…

The Internet Is Magical

The nexus of Nerddom?

The geniuses at Brandywine Books pointed me to this wonderful picture (source). I love it. This is satire that bends out in several directions.


The Splendid Sensationalism of Things

“Humility is the thing which is for ever renewing the earth and the stars. It is humility, and not duty, which preserves the stars from wrong, from the unpardonable wrong of casual…